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・乳児の6ヵ月時点での認知機能と適応機能の向上(McManus ら, 2020)

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・母子の関わりの強化との関連(McManus とNugent, 2012; Nugentら, 2017)

McManus, B., Nugent, J. K. (2012). A Neurobehavioral Intervention Incorporated into a State Early Intervention Program is Associated with Higher Perceived Quality of Care Among Parents of High-Risk Newborns. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, 41, 3, 381-389.
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・親の乳児のコミュニケーションキューへの応答の強化(Kristensenら, 2020; Høifødtら, 2020)

Kristensen, I. H., Vinter, M., Nickell, I.K., Kronborg, H. (2019). Health Visitors’ competencies before and after implementing the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system in a community setting: A cluster randomised study. Public Health Nursing. 00:1-7.https ://doi.org/10.1111/phn.12658
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・母親の産後うつ症状の減少を示した研究(McManusら, 2020; Nugentら, 2014)

Nugent, J. K., Dym-Bartlett, J., Valim, C. (2014). Effects of an Infant-Focused Relationship-Based Hospital and Home Visiting Intervention on Reducing Symptoms of Postpartum Maternal Depression: A Pilot Study. Infants & Young Children, 27, 4, 292–304.

・新生児と家族への関わりにおいて、NBO実施者は、より高い自信を示した(McManusとNugent, 2011)

McManus, B.,  &  Nugent, J. K. (2011). Feasibility study of early intervention provider confidence following a neurobehavioural intervention for high-risk newborns. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 29:4, 395-403.



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